How do I deposit / retrieve Wills from gA-Vault as a User?

Access the sidebar by clicking on the logo on the top left hand corner and click on the " gA-Vault" function.

If you have previously written a Will through a Certified Estate Planner (CEP), you can also check with him/her if he/she is willing to make the trip for you. You can check out the article here on how to deposit / retrieve as a CEP. Please note that this is outside of his/her duties as a CEP, and do not pressure him/her to do so if he/she is currently busy.

Select the options and choose the date / time slot accordingly. Click on "Confirm Appointment". 

You will receive a PDF form containing the detailed instructions via email.

On the day of the appointment, bring 

- the signed form;
- your ID (as per the Will);
- the physical hardcopy of the Will.
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