How does your Will storage/custodian service (gA-Vault) works?

Book a date / time by logging into your account or the Certified Estate Planner (CEP) account under [ Deposit / Retrieve ] function. We do not entertain ad-hoc requests.


You will receive an automated email detailing the instruction and a form to fill in. Fill in the form accordingly. Please also check through the fields, including the Witness / Authorised Recipient details and ensure they are accurate. We design the form to be a fillable PDF (i.e. you can type in all the fields before printing it out to sign). In the event where you wish to do so in pen, please make sure your handwriting is legible.


If you are depositing through a CEP, please pass him/her a photocopy of your ID (same ID as per your Will) along with this completed form and the original hardcopy Will. 


We will send you an invoice through Stripe to your email requesting payment for the services within 48 hours.


To prevent fraud, we only accept Will deposits from the actual Testator or the CEP [who will then need a photocopy of your ID] (same ID as per your Will) along with a signed hardcopy of this form on the date of deposit. 


To ensure the integrity of the Wills and for contingency planning purposes, the staff handling your hardcopy Wills will scan and securely store your Will and ID. All such personal data are kept strictly confidential and secured. 


There is no limit on the number of people whom you can authorise to retrieve your Will ONLY upon your demise. It is your duty to update your list of Authorised Recipients through your account’s [ Deposit / Retrieve ] function and also to inform your Authorised Recipients YOURSELF that your will is kept with us.


You will be notified via email when the deposit is complete; a softcopy of the will can also be viewed through your account’s [gA-Vault] function

We safekeep our Will at Certis CISCO. Do not attempt to deposit / withdraw your Will directly from CISCO as it is kept with them through us. 
As a newly written Will revokes the previous one, there is no need to retrieve your old Will to deposit a new one. If you have previously deposited a Will with us and are depositing a new Will, we will automatically destroy the previous Will kept with us. 

Upon your demise, your authorised recipients can contact us through our website vault function (URL: After verification, we will hand deliver them the physical will as soon as we can. 

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