What are the introduction fees for CEPs for writing a Will for their clients? (Credit System)

*Applicable for CEPs using the Credit System

As a CEP the default price charging is S$800, which is split into the first S$50 + the next S$750. That being said, you can always choose to give a discount.

Introduction fees to CEPs will be to your bank account usually within 5 working days. Our staff will follow up separately if you have yet to provide us your bank details.

In short, you'll be receiving ~ slightly more than twice to the company. Based on the amount charged, the introduction fee to you is... 

Subtotal SGD Introduction Fee
$0 -
First $50 $XX minus $5 transaction fees
Next $750 66% (rounded up to nearest cents)


  • Subtotal S$50:
    Introduction fee = S$50 - S$5 = S$45
  • Subtotal S$450:
    Introduction fee = (S$50 - S$5) + (S$450 - S$50) x 0.66 = S$309

If you are more mathematically inclined, then say if x is the Subtotal being charged;

  • For x equals to or less than S$50:
    Introduction fee = x - 5
  • For x > S$50:
    Introduction fee = (50 - 5) + (x - 50) x 0.66

There is no introduction fee on the extra charges for us to Review Will

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