LPA Form 1 with Raffles Medical Group

Price: SGD 88 (inclusive of GST)

Please check RMG's website for the updated pricing.


Book an appointment by calling the clinic of your choice. The details (such as pricing), numbers and list of clinics can be found on RMG's website. Please note that you can book the appointment and pay the clinic on the day of the appointment itself.

Due to current circumstances, venue and timing are subjected to Raffles Medical Group's (RMG) availability.


On the day of the appointment, the donor and ALL donee(s) (including any replacement donee) are required to be present. Bring along an empty  LPA Form 1 (you can download the form here). The staff at RMG will assist in filling and be the witnesses accordingly.

While there is no strict requirement for the all donee(s) to be present when the certificate issuer witnesses and certifies on the LPA, some certificate issuers may prefer that the donees are present.  To prevent a wasted trip, we strongly recommend that you (the donor) and all donee(s) head down to the clinic together.


After seeing the LPA Certificate Issuer, the donor has to mail the following documents to the Office of Public Guardian (OPG):  

  • The completed LPA Form 1
  • Photocopy of all donee(s)’ NRIC / FIN / Passport (for foreigners)
  • Photocopy of (ALL) your donee(s)’ NRIC / FIN / Passport (for foreigners)

at the following address: 20 Lengkok Bahru #04-02 Family@Enabling Village Singapore 159053 

Upon acceptance of your LPA, OPG will notify you. There will be a 3 week mandatory waiting period (beginning from the last date the Public Guardian notifies you/your donee(s) that the LPA application has been accepted for registration) and if no valid objections are received during this time, your LPA will be registered. You can withdraw the LPA application any time before it is registered.

Please also note there's also a registration fee by OPG. To encourage more Singaporeans to plan ahead and apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney, OPG has extended the LPA Form 1 Application fee waiver for all Singaporeans to 31 March 2023 (fees for foreigners / PRs still apply). You can find out more about the application fees here. If payment is required, the notice of payment will be sent to the applicant’s email once the LPA has been processed. Please ensure that the applicant’s email field is indicated in the LPA form. OPG does not accept cheques as a mode of payment.

You can also find out more about LPA from Office of Public Guardian website.

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