"Send Will" VS "Gift Will"

Send Will is where you can sit down with your client and guide him to draft his Will, adding your own financial advisory expertise during the process for a more complete estate planning. Through this function, you can also charge your client up to $800 per Will (of which you'll get ~66% introduction fee), or discount accordingly. You can do so either through the functions Make New Will or Load & Edit Will. Thereafter, it's a simple 4 step process where you guide your client through YOUR affiliate platform. At the end of the process, your client will also receive an account linked to yours in case there's any details or edits he'll need within a year. If you are on the UNLIMITED CEP Plan, there is no limit how many times you can do this so long as you remain a CEP with us.

If you are on the old CEP Credits Plan, doing through either function will consume 1 credit from your account.

Gift Will, it's basically like a hands-off process, very much like gifting a gift card. What happens is that you will be sending an account to your client for him to draft the Will himself. You can do so through the Buy Credits / Gift Will function. Your client will receive a link to set up his own account (if the account does not exist yet). Doing so will consume 1 credit from your account.

Do note that since this is for the client to DIY, you (as the CEP for this particular usage) will not be covered by our Professional Indemnity. Additionally, without you in the process, it definitely will not be as complete - after all there's a big difference between Estate Planning and simply just writing a Will. Additionally, gift as the word implies, is a gift (i.e. the client cannot be charged at all)! 
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