Are there physical classes for getArrange's Training Course to become a Certified Estate Planner?

In light of the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, we will be temporarily suspending all physical classes till further notice. Do check with your respective sales / account managers for updates / further details.

Our e-learning course covers the EXACT SAME CONTENT as the physical class. That being said, we do conduct physical classes.


  • Additional one-off S$100 per pax (on top of any subscription fees)
  • Classes are conducted once every two months at our office in JTC launchpad @ one-north. Class dates are released ~2 months in advance.
  • No minimum class size

Team / Group / Agencies

  • Additional one-off S$50 per pax (on top of any subscription fees)
  • Minimum group of 6 paid Certified Estate Planners
  • Classes are conducted on a ad-hoc basis with venue to be provided by the group
  • Provide us with a POC (point of contact) to coordinate the time and venue
  • Please note that the class will not be formed if the minimum 6 pax requirement is not met.


  • All participants have to be subscribed to the Certified Estate Planner account at least 3 working days before the class (e.g. if the class is on 10 Dec 2020, all participants attending are required to subscribed by 7 Dec 2020). As an incentive, the subscription renewal date will be shifted to the second day of the training. (e.g. if you subscribed on 7 Dec 2020 and the training is on the 10-11 Dec 2020, the next subscription fee is paid on 11 Dec 2021).

Refund Policy

  • There will be no refund if you miss the physical class, or if the class is cancelled if the minimum 6 pax requirement is not met (for group). Participants will have to attend or continue with the e-learning instead. Do complete it quickly to maximize the value as the yearly subscription has already started on sign up. We are unable to slot you in for other classes to be fair to the other groups who make up the numbers on their own to make it happen. Please note that the subscription renewal date will by default remain as the day you subscribed, regardless of the date you subsequently are trained / certified (e.g. if you subscribed on 7 Dec 2020, signed up but did not make it for the training on 10-11 Dec 2020, the next subscription fee will continue to be paid on 7 Dec 2021).

Other Matters

  • It is a 1.5 days course (Day 1 from 1000 - 1800; Day 2 from 1000 - 1300). 
  • Lunch / refreshments will not be provided.
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