What happens if an affiliate changes company / email address?

Your affiliate (Certified Estate Planner / Member) account sticks with you regardless of your company so long as you hold a valid Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Financial Adviser License;

In the event where you change company / insurer, please complete and send 

  • the SIGNED copy of THIS FORM [ <== right click the link and click on "Save link as" ]; and
  • a picture of your (company) name card with the new address 

through your NEW email address to info@getarrange.com

It will take ~3 working days for us to process and update in the system accordingly. You can then log in using the new email address thereafter (the password and 2FA will remain the same).

During the period where you are in between companies, please note that based on Singapore requirements your license is temporarily invalid and hence your affiliate account with us will be set to temporarily cancelled. There are no partial refunds or extension for this period, so do send us the documents ASAP when you have joined.

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