Will I still be a Certified Estate Planner if I stop subscribing to your services?

Before anything... BOOOOOOO to you for even thinking of such a thing!!!!

That being said, once you are trained and certified by us, very much like your university degree, the certification DOES NOT DISAPPEAR / EXPIRE simply because you are no longer continuing with us.

HOWEVER... you will also no longer be entitled access to the platform which allows you to assist your clients in Estate Planning, and more importantly the professional indemnity which protects you. It's kind of obvious but just in case you aren't aware, you should not continue to help your client for their Wills (else you'll be doing it at your own risk) and especially not misrepresent that you are still with us.

So stay with us, there's a whole long list of other privileges which will take a book rather than an article to explain!

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