What is the Cash Rider factor?

Hospital shield plan is made of 2 components:

  • Base plan that is payable using CPF and/or cash (which includes the cost of the compulsory Medshield Life)
  • Optional rider (also usually known as the cash rider) that is payable using only cash. This is to cover for the deductibles and co-insurance.

When the Hospital Shield Plan is toggled on, gA-Crystal will include hospital shield plan expenses to both your cashflow and CPF. The premium of the base plan payable for each tier of hospital shield plan is calculated from the average cost across all insurers.

As for the cash rider, gA-Crystal will add in those as cash expense based on the Cash Rider factor.

  • If your client did not buy the cash rider, then you can leave it as 0. This means the client is only paying for the base plan BUT not the cash rider.
  • If your client is paying for the cash rider that cost 1.2x of the base plan, then key in 1.2 as the Cash Rider factor. For example, client pays $1000 for the base plan (using CPF and/or cash) and $1200 for the cash rider, then key in 1.2 as the Cash Rider factor.
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