Updates: 26 April 2021

Review Will by getArrange.com

This is an entirely OPTIONAL function if your client wants that second pair of eyes to look through the Will, priced separately at S$188.

Please ensure that the inputs are final. Once payment is completed and confirmed, this Will will be temporarily locked (i.e. not viewable from the CEP account) till the review is completed. It may take up to 3 working days depending on the complexity of the request.

  1. Upon completion of the additional S$188 payment for the review, the "Will" will be temporarily locked (i.e. not accessible from the CEP/user account) until the review process is complete.
  2. Our getArrange.com staff will contact your Certified Estate Planner / you (the Testator) to schedule for a Zoom meeting.
  3. During the review process, our getArrange.com staff will "share screen" with you to go through with you your draft Will through our system and edit the changes (if any) on the spot into the system.
  4. Once the review process is complete, you will receive an email from us with the latest version of your draft Will attached. Your CEP will be cc-ed in this email as well to keep him / her in the loop. The "Will" will be also unlocked (i.e. accessible from CEP/user account).

Aesthetic Changes in Will Template

We have also made some aesthetic changes within the Will, in particular, to sections with table(s). Functionally, there is no difference between Wills generated before this update and after the update less the aesthetic differences. There are no changes in terms of the actual wordings. 


There is NO NEED to REGENERATE previously written Wills as the generated text are the same. Again, functionally there is no difference between Wills generated before this update and after the update less the aesthetic differences. 

Regardless, if you do, you will still need to have it printed our and signed by 2 witnesses (above 21 and not a beneficiary nor a spouse of beneficiary) before it becomes a legally valid document. Please also destroy all previously done outdated Wills.

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