Updates: 15 September 2021

Cover Page for Asset List

The PDF Document generated from the “Generate PDF” function has always consisted of two documents – the Will and the Asset List. The Asset List is not part of the Will and should not be submitted as part of the Will during the Grant of Probate application. It serves only as a reference to fill in the Schedule of Asset form.

This is also why the Asset List has a different numbering and is not signed unlike the actual Will. To make things clearer, we have added in an extra cover page to the asset list and an additional note under the "Review Will" page.

There is NO NEED TO REGENERATE / REPRINT / RESIGN previous documents as it does not affect the functionality of the Will.


We have discontinued our existing tie-ups with SATA CommHealth and Raffles Medical Group for LPA / AMD. You can still engage their services directly through their respective websites, at their prevailing public rates. All materials regarding LPA / AMD will still be available to you for educational purposes.

Toggle for Negative Scale in gA-Crystal

We have added a toggle “Show negative scale” under the “Liquid” tab in the graph. This allows you to turn the toggle off so that changes in the graph (when simulations are used) are more obvious especially when the deficit is large at age 99.

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