Updates: 1 October 2021

Consult Lawyer

Consult Lawyer requests will now be directed to PKWA Law Practice LLC. PKWA Law Practice LLC is an established Singapore law firm focused on providing top-quality legal services in the following areas: conveyancing, family law, divorce, wills, probate, inheritance law, litigation, insurance and corporate law.

PKWA Law is ranked by the Straits Times as one of Singapore’s Best Law Firms in 5 practice areas: 

  • Family Law; 
  • Conveyancing; 
  • Inheritance & Succession; 
  • Real Estate Law; and 
  • Banking & Finance.

How it works?

The enquiry and contact details will be sent to PKWA Law Practice LLC which will then contact the requester typically within the next few hours or by the next working day. The first consultation with the law firm is free, where they will request for more details and explain the charges. Once everything is agreed upon, a Letter of Engagement shall be signed with the law firm before proceeding.

Please DO NOT ask hypothetical questions through this channel and use it only if you genuinely require legal assistance.


Enquiry type

To effect this change, we have also included a selection on the type of enquiry which will be forwarded to the respective departments within PKWA Law Practice LLC accordingly.


CEP Refresher

Certified Estate Planners will now be able to view the CEP Refresher conducted on 23 Sep 2021 titled "CEP Refresher" under E-learning.


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