[OLD CREDIT SYSTEM] Are there any renewal fees as a CEP?

There's a nominal $200 renewal fee/yr (counting from training date), which covers our platform maintenance fees, servers, professional indemnity which protects both us AND you, e-learning at your convenience ... 

You get the point, the value's more than worth it.

(psst... fyi our competitors are charging > $200 yearly just for the professional indemnity with nothing else on top of the renewal fees and you still don't get the lion's share of any introduction fees)

BUT, even that small nominal fee will be waived if you manage to do 5 Wills for that year (either through "Send Will" or "Gift Will").

Don't worry, we (or rather the system) send you a reminder monthly to help you keep track. So go forth and value add your clients!

Please note that waivers / renewal fees are automatically done via by the system. If you do not wish to pay the renewal fee to continue as a Certified Estate Planner, let us know through email. Please be informed that if your CEP status is not renewed, you will be downgraded to a Member with all existing CEP benefits forfeited (including any remaining credits you may have).

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