What happens to my joint assets after I die? Can I Will it to someone else?

Generally for joint assets (e.g. joint tenancy for property) right of survivorship applies. This means that when one of the owners dies, the other surviving joint owner(s) will inherit the share of the deceased. 

Even if you intend to give it to someone else or put any specific instructions regarding the asset, when you pass on the asset by default goes to the other surviving joint owners(s), which overrides any instructions or allocation you set earlier.

You can still give it away in your Will PROVIDED that you subsequently own the entire asset (e.g. through inheriting it when you outlive the other joint owners).

If you still want to give away your joint asset REGARDLESS if the other joint owners are alive, the only way is to "convert" the jointly owned asset to sole ownership or "shares". (e.g. coverting from joint tenancy to tenancy in common). You might not want to do it through a Will (including any testamentary trust) as the right of survivorship would have already applied after you die, giving your share to the other joint owner(s) first. To avoid disputes, you might want to consider doing such severance while you are still alive.

Please contact HDB or a conveyancing lawyer for HDB or private properties respectively if you would like to know more on how to "convert" the ownership type.

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