Is there a refresher course for CEPs?

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to remember everything, or you might need a quick refresher before assisting your clients again as a CEP.

Depending on how much you remember / forget / forgot, you can either do 1 or 2 or both! Both of which are accessible through the " View Resources" function within the platform.

If you just want a quick overview of the functions and what to do, the best place to start off with is with the CEP Quickstart Guide. The 25 page PDF ( no worries, mainly pictures because our CEO loves pictures...) gives a quick but comprehensive summary on the buttons, step by step what to do etc.

If you have forgotten most of it, we strongly recommend that you go through the entire e-Learning course, or at the very least the section relevant to you. 

Revisiting the e-learning course is entirely free for a CEP, so no worries, grab your popcorn and let the knowledge flow into you!

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