What is the difference between sole and joint executors?

You can select sole or joint executors on the platform. 

Executing a will may require some discretion here and there. A sole executor decides by himself, while joint executors need to agree unanimously on estate decisions, with neither having right to act alone without the consent of the other. In this way, they provide a check-and-balance. 

Regardless of the option you choose, they can also employ other professionals (e.g. lawyers) to assist them (e.g. filing documents, accounting etc.) which naturally incurs professional fees paid forth from the Testator's estate.

So which is better? There’s is no sole is better than joint or vice versa. Sole lacks the check and balance, while for joint if there are any disagreements between the joint executors could lead to a lengthier process. It really depends more on what do you want.  Try to see it in another way - do you have someone you trust fully or two others whom you know work well together?

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