How do I link my CEP account with a client's User account?

To link user and CEP affiliate accounts, be it accounts created before 10 April 2020 or subsequent unlinked user accounts, you can do so by emailing your client (cc) through the same email you registered your affiliate account with. Once the client has agreed, our staff will proceed to link the account.

By default, Wills drafted through the CEP account after 10 April 2020 are automatically linked.

From: << CEP email>>
To: << Client’s user account email>>
bcc: -- leave blank --
Subject: Request to link accounts


I would like to request to link* our accounts in, for the purposes of editing/re-generating new draft Wills so that I can continue to help you do Estate Planning in the future.

Please “Reply All” a YES if you agree to it.

Thank you!

*any subsequent changes to your account will be reflected in mine and vice versa.

<<CEP Name>>
Certified Estate Planner

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