Can I draft my Will through if I'm a Muslim (i.e. Syariah Law applies for me)?

Technically you can, but please note that the Wills generated here were not designed to automatically be administered according to Faraid. You have to ensure yourself that it complies with any special rules that you may be subjected to (e.g. Faraid for Muslims).

While we would definitely like having more business, we also want what's best for you. Honestly, we would actually recommend for Muslims to seek advice from a Will writer or Lawyer specializing in Syariah Law. TLDR version, for Muslims, Syariah Law applies which for the case of inheritance, there is the Faraid which dictates only 1/3 of the Estate which can be given away, with the other 2/3 given out based on the Faraid. Our platform is able to cater to the 1/3 but unable to automatically check for Faraid compliance amongst other things (there's requirements as to who the beneficiaries are).

It's not very straightforward, in fact even for insurance nominations there's some advisory:
" The  Fatwa Committee further advises the Muslim community against making a nomination with the intention of causing injustice towards beneficiaries. At the same time, every Muslim is responsible to ensure that all the debts of a deceased Muslim are settled before using any of his/her monies that he/she leaves behind, whether by way of Faraidh, will or nomination."
Source:  MUIS website
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