How do I appoint a sole trustee that if unable/refuses to act, is substituted by joint trustees instead?

Under the Trustee section within the Testamentary Trust, select Name a SOLE Trustee and choose your sole Trustee. Leave the Substitutes section blank.

Under the Addition Trust Instructions at the bottom, toggle on and key in the following:

Appointment of Substitute Trustees

Should {Relationship}, {Name}, {ID No.}, die before me, is unable or unwilling to serve or continue to serve as the SOLE Trustee, I appoint {Relationship}, {Name}, {ID No.}, and {Relationship}, {Name}, {ID No.}, as JOINT trustees (hereinafter called “{Trust Name} Trust's Substitute Joint Trustees”) to hold them on trust, subject to the terms set out in “Testamentary Trust - {Trust Name} Trust”. 

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