If I am the policy owner but not the life assured, can I transfer the policy ownership to someone else (after my death) through a Will?

Subjected to any additional terms / restrictions within the policy itself, Yes you can do it through a Will!

Under the Allocate Assets tab, add a new Insurance Policy by click on the plus sign.

Key in the details accordingly and under "Allocate Asset <3" select "I give this asset to" and choose accordingly. Toggle on "Additional instructions" and add in the phrase:

For transferring of policy ownership

You can also add in any other additional instructions you have for the policy. For example, if the intended beneficiary might still be underage you can instead put "For transferring of policy ownership (or to { Beneficiary's Name}'s Guardian until {Beneficiary's Name} is of age)"

Since if the plan is being transferred through the Will (e.g. the Life Insured has not died yet), the Estimated Market Value will be based on the market / surrender value of the policy rather than the death benefit / payout. This means that for hospitalization / shield plans, the estimated market value is S$0.

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