I have "Send Will". How does my client access his account?

Presuming this is the first time your client is doing his will through getArrange.com, after you " Send Will" he should also receive an email to asking him to activate the account. Please also check the spam folder. Depending on the email server, your client may need to wait up to 30 seconds [on gmail this is almost instantaneous] before he receives the email. After your client clicks the activate account button, he should be directed to our webpage to set his password.

If the " Activate" button does not work, it may be due to his/her browser settings. In this case, please right click copy the link address and paste it in the browser accordingly.

In the event that your client STILL does not receive any email after 30 seconds, he can request to have the email sent again through this link https://getarrange.com/user/rsa/. Please note that activation link expires after 24 hours.

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