Can I give away monies in my CPF (e.g. through a Will)?

Will Coverage

A Will does NOT cover monies in your CPF Savings unless they are:

  • Held in CPFIS-OA
  • Held in CPFIS-SA
  • Paid into property

In order to distribute the monies in your CPF Savings, you need to make a separate CPF nomination.

CPF Nomination Coverage
A CPF nomination covers:
  1. CPF savings* in your Ordinary, Special, MediSave, and Retirement Accounts
  2. CPF LIFE unused premiums
  3. Discounted Singtel shares

* CPF savings cannot be included in your will because they do not form your estate. This arrangement protects your CPF savings from creditor claims on any outstanding debts you may have, and preserves your savings fully for your nominees or family members.

What isn’t covered under a CPF nomination:
  1. Properties bought using your CPF savings
  2. Payout from Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS)
  3. Investments made under CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS)

3 Things You Should Know About CPF Nomination Scheme (17 September 2018) Source

  1. When you make a CPF nomination, your CPF savings will be distributed in cash to your nominee(s) by default unless you choose otherwise. The nomination rules are stated clearly in the CPF website.
  2. If you wish to distribute your CPF savings to your nominees’ CPF accounts, you can opt for the Enhanced Nomination Scheme (ENS).
  3. Parents who wish to set aside their CPF savings for the long term care of children with special needs may consider the Special Needs Savings Scheme (SNSS).

More information is also available at CPF | Making A CPF Nomination.

You can make your CPF nominations directly online here.


You can do it in person by visiting any of the CPF Service Centres.

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