How much does Kensington Trust Singapore charge to manage a Trust?

We have tied up with Kensington Trust Singapore, a licensed trust company, to deliver quality professional trust services at affordable prices.

There are typically 3 fees that you need to pay when appointing a professional Trustee:

Appointment Fee

To appoint the entity as your Trustee

Trust Setup Fee

To draft the Trust document

For a Testamentary Trust, there are NO additional fees as the document is already drafted through our platform (hooray!)

Trust Administration Fee

For the ongoing management of the Trust (once there are assets poured into the Trust which will be actively managed.)

Depending on the size of the Trust Fund, it is entirely possible for the recurring fees to be paid off solely by the investment returns from the Trust itself. Imagine there is SGD 500k in the fund; even a simple fixed deposit of 1% returns would be sufficient to fund the trust administration fees!

You can also find this information under " What is this?" in the Professional Services page.

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