How do credits work? Do they expire?

First and foremost, credits are only relevant if you are a Certified Estate Planner (CEP).

Each credit allows the CEP to draft for your client a Will including an unlimited number of testamentary trusts. After the CEP "Send Will" or "Gift Will" to the client, 1 credit will be deducted from the CEP's account. 

The client will then have one year's access [counting from the day the CEP "Send Will" / "Gift Will"] to his/her own user platform, which can re-generate an unlimited number of times in case the client requires subsequent edits. 

Typically, based on our research and especially for first-timers, it is normal for people to initially have multiple changes as they think more about it.

For CEPs, there are no expiry to unspent credits so long as you remain a CEP. However, should you decide to no longer remain as our Certified Estate Planner, any unspent credits will be forfeited.

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