Is it compulsory to deposit my Will information in the Singapore Wills Registry?

The WILLS Registry, maintained by Singapore Academy of Law (SAL), is a confidential registry where testators (people making a will) or their solicitors can deposit information on WILLS.

They keep the following information under the WILLS Registry

1) Details of the person making the WILL i.e. testator.
2) Date of the WILL.
3) Details of the person who drew up the WILL.
4) Details of where the WILL is held.

They do NOT keep the actual WILL or a copy of the WILL in the registry which should be retained by yourself or your representative. Please also note that it is NOT compulsory to deposit your WILL record with the registry. The validity of your will does NOT depend on whether you have deposited your WILL record with the registry or not.

Source: SAL Wills Registry FAQ

If you are depositing your Will with, we can register your Will for you @ the Singapore Wills Registry for a charge of S$50. Please note that this is the fee charged by SAL with no mark up from our side.

Our company ONLY registers Wills kept with us to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by us and other security reasons. If you wish to keep the Will yourself but still wish to register it in the Singapore Wills Registry, you can do so via the Singapore Academy of Law website through your Singpass.

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