Are the Wills from valid? I thought a lawyer have to be involved for "this kind of things"?

In Singapore, the Will becomes a legally valid document once signed by the Testator along with 2 witnesses (above 21 / not beneficiary nor spouse of beneficiary). There's no special requirement for a lawyer to "legalize" the document. In fact even if you specifically ask lawyers, they WOULDN'T say that doing / signing a Will through them makes it any more or less valid.

Think of it in terms of your employment contract, once signed it becomes a legally valid document. When's the last time you engaged a lawyer to make sure that your employment contract is "legal"? 

That being said, in, the entire system is vetted by a practicing lawyer from David Nayar and Vardan Advocates and Solicitors. We make sure the process is safe for all to use, and more importantly our Certified Estate Planners also examine the planning aspects of it beyond just the distribution discussion. is founded with the support of Enterprise Singapore and NTUitive through the StartupSG Founder grant. The company is Singapore Fintech Certified and has also been featured on Channel 8 News and is the winner for Insurtech under the Asia Trusted Life Agents & Advisers Awards 2020.

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