How do I terminate / cancel / unsubscribe my CEP subscription?

If you wish to cancel the auto-renewal of this subscription, kindly log into your adviser account and under Settings -- Payment & Account, click on "Cancel Plan" under the CEP Renewal Settings. You will still have access to the CEP will writing platform until the end of your current subscription period (e.g. until 1 Nov 2021).

When your CEP subscription eventually cancels, you will be downgraded to the free Member account and lose all Will writing functionality. All incomplete saved Wills as well as sent Wills that were previously linked to your account will be deleted and unlinked respectively. Any remaining (gift) credits will also be forfeited. 

Clients who have received a user account from you shall continue to have access to their user account for 1 year from the date you sent them the Will. Beyond that one year, you can refer your client to another CEP or us.

Of course, you can always upgrade from the free Member account to the CEP account to gain access to the Will writing functionality whenever you need it again!

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